Website Design

To coincide with the launch of their new name, Bluetext designed and developed a fresh new website for FedTec using a clean and sophisticated UI. It was important for the site to speak to the company’s current capabilities and markets while also creating space to allow for growth in the future. With its sleek navigation structure, boosted SEO performance, and overall improved user experience, the new FedTec website facilitates a more intuitive experience for visitors.


User-Centered Responsive Designs for Mobile

As with every website, it was important to consider mobile users throughout the website design and methodology process. A well-rounded responsive design not only adapts seamlessly to different devices but also enhances user engagement by providing a consistent and optimized interface. From wireframes to color comps, accommodating for mobile was a crucial element of the website redesign.

Fedtec_mobiles (1)

Logo Design

One of the first and perhaps most important steps of the process was creating a new logo for the FedTec brand. Through a series of workshops and rounds of revisions, Bluetext experimented with various shapes, fonts, and color schemes to create visually appealing and meaningful symbols that would reflect FedTec’s identity. The final result is a polished and sophisticated logo inspired by the “F” and the “T” in the word FedTec that will allow for growth and expansion through the future.


Branded Applications

To provide the company with a full idea of how the new brand system could scale, Bluetext explored various branded mockups such as billboards, business cards, collateral, and web applications. Shapes from the logo were blown up and masked or blurred to create three dimensional depth as seen below. The ultimate goal was to equip FedTec with the materials and inspiration needed to create robust brand assets through the future.

Fedtec_Billboard (1)

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