Bluetext’s 3D virtual experience started with sketches for every scene and scenario that would need to be created in the virtual environment.

Cvent Sketch 1
Cvent Sketch 1B
Cvent Sketch 2
Cvent Sketch 2B
Cvent Sketch 3
Cvent Sketch 3B

Three Dimension and Animatics

Following agreement on the scenes, the fun stuff really began. Bluetext’s team of award-winning 3D artists and animators brought the sketches to life to create real-life virtual scenes to immerse users in the experience.



Finally, all of the work was brought to its final deliverable with immersive video to enable users to select their user path through the experience to ensure they understand the impact of Cvent’s global solutions.


Cvent also tasked Bluetext with creating industry solution presentations to tell the Cvent story in a visually appealing, powerful manner to drive consistency across the global sales strategy. The results were stunning deliverables.

Cvent presentation
cvent presentation slide 1
cvent presentation slide 2
cvent presentation slide 3
cvent presentation slide 4
cvent presentation slide 5
cvent presentation slide 6
cvent presentation slide 7
cvent presentation slide 8
“Cvent’s platform is both very broad and deep in terms of our capabilities and our field teams needed a purpose-built tool to share various stories about our capabilities in a streamlined manner. The Bluetext project will allow us to visualize these stories, and Cvent’s differentiators, in a powerful way. Bluetext was a great partner bringing creative firepower, strategic thinking, and a very professional enjoyable delivery process.”
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Cvent

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