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Just like an in-person event: any attendee would have been provided an agenda of events, locations and maps. The same guidance and resources need to be readily accessible in a virtual event. Through thoughtful UX, the homepage provided a high-level overview of the event’s itinerary.

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“Even the data that was returned to us was flawless and sent promptly. Superb customer service from beginning to end. I am looking forward to many more projects together.”
Vice President Marketing-Citrix Events Americas


The Virtual Event platform and marketing campaign delivered an engaging, data-rich and interactive digital experience that the Citrix audience (and revenue stream) loved.

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Personalized Touches

As a part of the event’s promotion, Citrix awarded the first 200 registrants a personalized digital caricature. Bluetext created a library to house all of the caricatures and provide straightforward UX to the users looking for their artwork. During the event, attendees could rack up points by completing the requirements for each badge, each of which was accompanied by a custom-designed icon.


Our team integrated Zoom for users to engage directly with representatives in live Q&A sessions, and preserve an intimate networking experience in a digital world.

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