Our Challenge

BigBear.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) software company that provides high-end capabilities across the data and digital spectrum to deliver information superiority and decision support to its commercial, government, and defense customers (including the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and U.S. Federal Government). BigBear.ai came to Bluetext after a series of mergers and acquisitions saw four companies join into one. The newly formed entity needed a new unified brand identity, revamped external messaging and strategic public relations that would help them stand out in the crowded AI space, quickly. Bluetext was up for the challenge.

Public Relations Strategy

BigBear.ai sought to stand out quickly in the crowded B2G artificial intelligence market, where hundreds if not thousands of contractors and providers are vying for a piece of the government pie. Bluetext built a program that integrated strategic thought leadership, rapid response, reimagining of contract win strategies and customer success stories to generate a steady and building stream of coverage.

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Brand & Website Redesign

The new brand was mainly inspired by the company’s name, BigBear.ai, as well as its technology, AI, and analytics expertise. The core elements of the brand are a “cyber” mesh and saturated bear imagery. We were also able to seamlessly integrate BigBear’s three leading products—Observe, Orient, Dominate—throughout the creative and unique interactions on the website. For example, if you scroll over the image in the hero on the homepage, the product experience pops up. Each product corresponded with an element of a bear: Observe: bear’s eye; Orient: bear’s body/position; Dominate: bear’s claw.


Event Space Design & Video Production

Looking to make a big splash at industry events, BigBear.ai turned to Bluetext for creative direction in event space design and video production work. Bluetext designed a jaw-dropping trade show booth experience that brought the spirit of the BigBear.ai brand to life with a 3D video wall and had event attendees stopping in their tracks. Bluetext also provided creative support for BigBear.ai’s Opening Bell ringing ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in celebration of its public listing on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “BBAI”.

“It’s been an absolute joy to work with the BigBear team. Their willingness to consider ideas that may be out of the box to some really allowed our team to stretch their wings creatively and come up with an incredibly unique solution.”
Jason Siegel-Chief Creative Officer, Bluetext

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