Our Challenge

Asimily came to Bluetext to design a full brand experience that is as holistic and effective as the technology itself. This included building a messaging framework that can aggressively compete as the category king in the IoMT security space, producing two succinct brand videos to promote the company top-funnel, the product mid-funnel, as well as an armada of snackable videos for organic GTM distribution. Additionally, Bluetext was tasked with designing and developing a website experience that can best navigate through all of the new branding, messaging, video, and competitive differentiators that Asimily has to offer.

Innovative Brand and Website Overhaul

The result is a blissful visual identity – portraying digital connections, hygiene, and revitalization for healthcare organizations. Asimily’s new brand is a recognizable and ownable visual identity, perfect for the company to stand out at tradeshows or above the noisy competitive cybersecurity landscape.


Healthcare IoT Device Website Design and Development

The revitalized brand identity was transitioned into brand new website designs that allowed Asimily to communicate its product and story in a streamlined user experience. Rather than leaning on inauthentic stock photography, the Asimily brand is fluid and flexible with a bold color gradient pattern alone, refocusing attention to the call to action in any medium.


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