Messaging & Positioning

Bluetext was tasked with providing strategic value around company positioning and redefining the external focus of the organization as it pivoted more into the healthcare space. Created messaging would need to function within the context of their work with CMS, their largest client, and within the federal health contracting space at large.


A Revitalized CVI

Bluetext was tasked with refreshing the corporate visual identity and website to reflect these changes while using their existing logo and logomark. Bluetext developed a CVI that focused on 3 primary design elements created and inspired by the logo to suit different types and tones of communications.


CVI & Website Redesign

To bring the new branding and external messaging to life, Bluetext designed and developed a series of custom website templates to fit specific content needs. The new templates features a series of interactive components that made finding relevant information intuitive to across their target audiences.

“Having the opportunity to work with a Fortune 50 company like Anthem to rebrand their Federal business was very special and we couldn’t be happier with the results. National Government Services now has a brand that matches their capabilities and is something they can feel confident taking to market.”
Jason Siegel-Chief Creative Officer, Bluetext

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