Bluetext recently released a series of surveys of voters in California and Texas, and government IT professionals about technology and cloud computing. As part of our media outreach, I was interviewed by the Capital Weekly newspaper in Sacramento. Here are some of the key points I made:

  • Telework and the cloud are intricately connected. Cloud service enable government workers to telework or work remotely, providing digital security and reliability simply not available with even the best local networks
  • The VPN’s days are numbered. Cloud services make it clear how outdated and cumbersome VPN’s have become
  • Voters are more sophisticated than we think when it comes to technology. Our survey found broad support for saving recourses and achieving efficiencies through technology in general, and cloud services in particular
  • Agency managers and top officials, unfortunately, are not. The survey found a lack of support from folks at the top for taking advantage of cloud services to save resources

To read the full surveys, click here. If you want to discuss the surveys, ping me, and I would be more than happy to walk you through them.