Bluetext is proud to announce that it has achieved the status of Google Partner as an expert in the use of Google AdWords for digital campaigns. We know what that means for Bluetext and our role as a top digital marketing agency: We have multiple members of our team who are now certified in Google AdWords, one of the more important tools for digital marketing. As a result, our digital marketing practice continues to grow while meeting Google’s standards and requirements for the designation.
What’s more important is what it means for our clients. Here are four ways selecting a Google Partner like Bluetext gives them a large advantage with their digital campaigns:
  1. Best account management practices. First and foremost, it means that your brand is truly working with specialists in both analytics and program management. Not only does a Google Partner need to maintain current certifications, but it also must meet the best practices for account management.
  2. Early Access to New Features. Google is routinely rolling out new features for its digital campaign tools, and often does so through limited beta releases to its partners who can test out the features and identify improvements. Working with a Google Partner gives our clients access to these new tools, often a year or more before they are made more widely available. That gives you a clear advantage over your competitors who haven’t selected the best digital marketing agency.
  3. Working with AdWords Experts. As a Google Partner, our team is required to be well-schooled in ad extensions, site links inside of ads, split-testing, ad scheduling, broad match modified keywords, the use of negative keywords, and phrase match keywords, as well as many of the latest digital ad techniques.
  4. Testing & Innovation. As part of the best practices that are required as a Google Partner, the Bluetext team is always pushing the boundaries of split-testing to maximize traffic to our clients’ landing pages. Google both encourages and enables its partners to be innovative and experiment with targeting audiences while delivering top results.
Selecting a Google Partner like Bluetext as your digital marketing agency is a smart choice for success. Not only does it guarantee the highest standard of service. it means leveraging the best tools in the market to deliver results for your brand.