Rebranding is not to be taken lightly. It demands a commitment of time, energy and resources to be successful. There are many things a company should consider and analyze before the decision to rebrand is made.  As the world grows increasingly digital, more and more aspects of people’s lives are affected by the instantaneous nature of information. This needs to factor in to the direction the brand needs to take. The accessibility of information at people’s finger tips has changed the mindset of consumers, posing significant challenges:

Where are your consumers?  It is difficult nowadays to find someone who does not own a smartphone with the ability to access the internet anytime and anywhere.  As consumers spend more time on smaller screens, companies must optimize all aspects of their websites and platforms to perform on these devices— or risk hurting their brand with hard-to-read and poorly-rendered webpages.  Companies either need to rebrand and keep up with the times or risk becoming obsolete.

Are you targeting effectively?  With the rise of the digital age is the emergence of social media platforms and numerous new ways for a company to reach the people they would like to target.  Each new medium requires a different strategy to navigate and not all companies are equipped to immediately do so.  A company’s current messaging and image may not have the ability to capture the attention of its target audience.  These obstacles are a clear sign that a company needs to revamp its brand to maintain a strong market presence.

How flexible is your current brand?  A company’s graphics and visuals must be scalable and adapt to different mediums.  Brand assets in the modern era are used for web, mobile, print assets, social media, icons, and the list goes on.  All these elements must be taken into consideration starting at the core of a brand’s design for the company to grow along with its consumer base.  When a company is unable to effectively utilize its brand in new mediums, a brand redesign is needed before the company falls too far behind.

As the digital age brings new challenges, it also brings new opportunities.  An increasingly responsive world may cause initial difficultly for a company adjusting to adapt, but by rebranding doors are opened for the new brand to reach its target audience like never before.

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