Many companies turn to Bluetext for a rebrand to increase visibility and market share, to better compete against other major challengers, and to enter new markets with a compelling message. In the case of some of our clients, the goal is to launch their product or service into the market with a look and feel that will attract attention and result in an acquisition. It’s always gratifying when our work pays off for our clients.

So we like to brag just a little when our rebrand clients succeed in a transaction that takes them to the next level. That’s the case with NetWatcher, a mid-market cyber-security service, that was just acquired by Qualsys, a cloud security provider that has been making a lot of noise in the market.

Our client came to us two years with a service that presented a new approach to the mid-market cyber challenge facing many medium-sized businesses: How to protect against threats such as weak passwords, unsecured assets, unsafe employee behavior, and outdated software that leave their networks vulnerable to attack. Their solution was a network appliance that monitors traffic inside the firewalls for anomalies that could spell trouble.

As the main focus of the rebrand, Bluetext developed a brand look and feel and name – NetWatcher – to reach the large mid-market audience the company was targeting for growth. We designed and built a new website designed to help customers and MSPs – managed service providers who are key channel partners for the business – understand the benefits of the solution to their organizations. And we launched this new brand at the MSP World Conference in Las Vegas. During the awards portion of the conference, NetWatcher was honored with the “Best in Show” award for its innovative and promising solution designed specifically to address the security needs of small and medium-size businesses.

Congratulations to the NetWatcher team for building a successful new brand in the crowded cybersecurity space, and for achieving your goal of an acquisition by a major player, taking your solution to an even larger audience. Bluetext is proud to have been a part of your success.

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