Attention all you marketers out there…ever sat in a meeting not wanting to raise your hand to ask someone for clarification on what they mean? Concerned that your colleagues or manager will think less of you? Gearing up for your next marketing campaign and need to include some new thinking?

Let’s face it – you are not alone. No one wants to be that person who raises their hand in those situations.

The world of digital marketing is moving very fast with new terms and concepts emerging everyday. From SERP to lead scoring to SEO to responsive design, it is getting harder to keep up.

If you are paranoid that your boss will catch on, we have a solution for you. As one of D.C’s top digital marketing agencies we are constantly exploring new trends and techniques to deliver award-winning creative agency work to our clients. So don’t pass go and immediately download our ebook on marketing lingo. We have updated it with some emerging terms. It is sure to give you the confidence to jump into your next marketing campaign with your eyes wide open.

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