The majority of Bluetext public relations engagements are ongoing retainers with clients looking for long-term, strategic PR support – whether it is a client transitioning from a former PR agency or engaging with an outside agency for the first time.

But from time to time, our public relations work revolves around a single project. It could be a startup seeking to maximize coverage of a venture capital funding round announcement, a technology company establishing a presence in a new country or geographic region, or other scenarios of that ilk. What’s great is that sometimes those one-time projects become something more, and even if they don’t, the experience is almost always a rewarding one.

The Bluetext team recently completed a PR project different than most: the client, Galois, was set to be featured in an upcoming national TV news segment, and it wanted to maximize and build upon this lightning-in-a-bottle opportunity.

First, a little background on Galois: Founded in 1999, Galois applies cutting edge computer science and mathematics to solve difficult technological problems for military and commercial organizations. Galois produced a software programming language that made drones and UAVs invulnerable to attack. As importantly, the technology was developed to be applicable to prevent hacking of control systems in air and ground vehicles such as the increasingly connected modern automobile.

What made the project rewarding for Bluetext is the passion that oozed from everyone at the organization – from the CEO on down. To be able to work with individuals who are committed to improving security at the citizen, enterprise and national defense level inspires our team to do great work.

The national TV segment ran in February 2015, and though Galois’ part – as is often the case – was narrowed for time purposes, it remained a great opportunity to share Galois work with its target audiences – government, military, contractors, enterprise.

Bluetext pushed ahead with a strategic plan built around converging interest, policy developments and public awareness of security vulnerabilities associated with Drones, UAVs, modern automobiles and commercial aircrafts. Bluetext worked with Galois executives and subject matter experts to develop high impact pitches, a press release, and access to third party, credible researchers that could validate the importance of Galois’ work.

In addition to interviews arranged with CNN, CNBC, USA Today and The Washington Post, coverage was also secured in numerous publications listed below over a compact, six-week period:

Drone magazine —


The Washington Post –

NextGov —

DefenseOne —

EnGadget —

ExecutiveBiz —

Unmanned Aerial —

UAS Magazine —

Bend Bulletin –

Chicago Daily Herald —