The Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit is greater Washington’s largest annual symposium of thought leaders in marketing. The theme will focus on emerging technologies and trends in marketing communications. Topics will include: metrics, mobile, social media, multi-platform campaigns, online video campaigns, experiential advertising, B2B, business development, and much more. This summit will explore the disruptive technologies that are creating a major shift in how marketing and business development professionals reach their audiences and decision makers.

A presentation being given by:
Nick Panayi, Global Brand and Digital Marketing, CSC
Jason Siegel, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Bluetext

Location: Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit
Gannett Building
May 8th 3PM

Nick and I will be presenting on the customer journey and how digital marketing technologies are continuing to evolve, personalize and empower this very effective demand generation platform. We will drill deep into CSC’s massive digital infrastructure that supports many of their journeys, and most importantly the Bluetext produced CSC Digital Briefing Center.

Learn why CSC’s Digital Briefing Center was so strongly needed for their most critical journeys, the concepts considered, and how we got to this great performing end product.

If you can’t make it but are interested in learning about this platform or topics please contact me here.