Many of our clients have been calling asking for recommendations on year-end projects to use on expiring budget. If you are in a similar situation and want to maximize your marketing investment, or looking to jumpstart 2013 planning, we thought it would make sense to send out some recommendations. All of these campaigns or concepts could be launched quickly and could help augment 2013 marketing efforts you already have planned this year.

  • Build an infographic to effectively position your products or services for 2013
  • Audit your website. Is it optimized for lead generation, search, and content marketing?
  • Optimize your demand generation solution. Are you maximizing your Eloqua or Marketo platform?
  • Optimize your mobile site, as stats are showing that nearly 50% of all web traffic is coming from mobile devices
  • Launch a YouTube re-targeting advertising campaign promoting your videos
  • Conduct a website analytics review with recommendations and next steps

Those are just some of the ideas we have been recommending. Got a question about optimizing your brand, website, or communications campaign? Give us a call…