How do you show passion?

I was in a pitch with a very high profile prospect last week and when we asked him what he was looking for in a digital branding partner his response was not uncommon – he said he wanted to work with an agency passionate about his brand.

Makes sense, right? But then you go back to the shop and have to put together the proposal, and you ask yourself how can we showcase our passion in a proposal? Do we sing out front of his building with a big sign saying to hire us? Do we jump out of a cake? As a services business we don’t have the luxury of creating the next gadget that wows an audience – it is our people, our process and our work that showcases our passion.

We showed the amazing work we are doing for our clients. We walked through our process, and we shared how excited we would be to take on this assignment through the lens of other work we have done. But still, I scratch my head sometimes and wonder how to showcase passion. Think about this the next time you have to give someone a written response – how do you showcase passion?