What’s a year-end blog without trends for the next? At Bluetext, we want to make sure our clients are armed with the latest digital marketing best practices so they can continue to compete at the highest level in an increasingly digital environment – here are a handful to keep top of mind as you map out your strategy for 2016:

  1. Content is King

Developing a steady cadence of quality content that maps to your customers’ buyer journey remains priority tactic number one to build brand awareness, perception, engagement, trust and ultimately conversion. Aside from being the tool du jour for establishing and maintaining market leadership – content marketing is an equally powerful driver of SEO – and a significantly less expensive demand generation mechanism than traditional paid and/or earned outbound marketing that, if done right; will provide you with greater ROI and overall marketing effectiveness. And Instead of disrupting a user’s daily activity to convince them to buy a product or service when 70% of their buying decision has already been made, you’re establishing digital brand authority well in advance of their need to do so.

  1. Visual Storytelling

Google’s most recent algorithms have placed a premium on visual content over keyword optimization. Search engines use SERP (search engine results page) rankings to measure how valuable your website content is to your users. By prioritizing images, infographics, video and other visual content over plain, less engaging keyword dense text, you are more likely to deliver the quality and relevancy of content to your customers who will then be inclined to spend more time on your website versus your competitors’ to complete their search

  1. Mobile First

This is the year mobile domination – within the next twelve months mobile will surpass desktop browsing and never look back. That – combined with Google’s latest algorithm putting much more weight on the availability and accessibility of mobile content – have rendered responsive, mobile optimized websites not just essential for growth – but vital to the long term survival of any modern business enterprise.

And this isn’t just about millennials, every demographic is becoming increasingly tethered to their mobile devices as those devices become a more integral part of their daily routines. Strong mobile functionality is so critical that a growing percentage of users won’t even do business with a company without a viable mobile digital presence.

  1. IOT Marketing

As my Partner Brian Lustig mentioned in his blog last week, user adoption of wearable technology is expected to reach 30% over the next twelve months, providing marketers with more data and even greater insights into our everyday lives that can and will enable them to target people based on their daily habits. As such, we should expect to see the first advertising native to wearable devices in 2016. For marketers this hyper connected world means that your data will have to become more behavior-driven, allowing you to predict your customers every move and target them in real time – and with near perfect accuracy-  as users make their way through their individual buying cycles.

  1. Snapchat

Continuing on the real time theme, Snapchat is quickly looking to become marketers’ new shiny toy for 2016 as they move away from the one size fits all approach and attempt to leverage consumers’ voracious appetite for exclusive, unique and expirable content. And with over 20 million snaps being shared daily across the world, businesses are now taking advantage of Snapchat to promote their brands through real time social engagement marketing. In this increasingly inpatient world, communicating messages that are shorter and more direct have a better opportunity to drive conversion than their older, longwinded brethren.

At Bluetext, we understand that marketers need to adopt real time digital strategies and be more nimble than ever to get the attention of our customers. John Maynard Keynes summation of this challenge is more relevant to today’s modern enterprise than they were nearly a century ago…

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones…“

And his insights could have no greater application today than they do with marketing.

Lets chat about your 2016 plans and how Bluetext can help you achieve your goals.


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